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Gursimar's Sikhi Room


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About Sikhism

The Beginning
Sikhism started when a  boy was born. But he really wasn't a hindu boy, he was the beginning of the Sikhs. When this boy was born a flash went through this family's little house. This boy turned into a man,this man was our guru... our teacher. And that is how Sikhism started.

A Gurdwara is the home of the Guru Granthe Sahib Ji. The Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our present Guru. There is a Gurdawara almost everywhere. It is just like a church. A Guru Granth Sahib Ji is where a lot of our other Guru's wrote Raags, Shabads, and Banni's. It is our present and eternal Guru. 
Below is a picture of a Gurdwara



Ik Onkar
Ik Onkar, meaning God is One. I believe this because some people believe of other gods but there is only one god, not ten or twenty, just one. Not my god nor yours but every god mixed together
"God Is One!!"